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Unpowered Mixers    
Yamaha GA20/12 Mixing Consle

Rental Price: $175/Day   $500/Wk
Behringer_Eurodesk_MX2442A.jpg   Behringer Eurodesk MX2442A

 Rental Price: $50/Day    $150/Wk
BehringerEurorack_2004A.jpg    Behringer Eurorack 2004A

  Rental Price: $25/Day     $75/Wk
Mackie_1604-VZL3.jpg    Mackie 1604-VZL3

   Rental Price: $50/Day   $150/Wk
Mackie_1604-VZLPro.jpg    Mackie 1604-VZLPro

  Rental Price: $40/Day   $120/Wk
PeaveyUnity-500.jpg Peavey Unity 500

 Rental Price: $20/Day  $60/Wk
Mono Powered Mixers    
  Peavey XR-400

 Rental Price: $25/Day   $75/Wk
   Peavey XRD-680S

 Rental Price: $50/Day    $150/Wk
Crate PA6FX.jpg  Crate PA6FX

 Rental Price: $20/Day   $60/Wk
Tapco 100m.jpg   Tapco 100M

Rental Price: $25/Day  $75/Wk
EV100m.jpg  EV 100M

 Rental Price: $30/Day   $90/Wk
 Peavey XR-1200

 Rental Price: $50/Day  $150/Wk
Dual Powered Mixers    
  Peavey XR-700

 Rental Price: $35/Day   $105/Wk
Peavey XR-600.jpg Peavey XR-600F

 Rental Price: $35/Day   $105/Wk
Crate PM82T.jpg   Crate PM82T

 Rental Price: $40/Day   $120/Wk
Crate PCM8DP.jpg   Crate PCM8DP

 Rental Price: $40/Day   $120/Wk
Images are for reference purposes only.
Actual items in inventory may differ from what is depicted.

Items listed are not guaranteed to be in stock. Pricing is subject to change.
Please call to verify price and availability.

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